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Welcome to the HSAWCF Member Portal.  Resources include: sample letters, class code information, general information regarding filing a Workers Compensation Claim, Payroll Request, Authority for Treatment, authorization forms, Medical Mileage Reimbursement form, and other relevant forms for filing a claim.

Who We Are

The HSAWCF is a Michigan group self-insured workers compensation program organized for the purpose of providing workers compensation and related employer’s liability self-insurance for its members, which are tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations. We currently provide coverage for over 150 non-profit agencies that operate within the State of Michigan.

Our Members

Members of the fund are entities doing business as non-profit charitable organizations which are corporations and/or community chest funds or foundations which operate exclusively for charitable, educational or recreational purposes for the promotion of social welfare, specifically excluding hospitals and

What Our Clients Say

The Boy Scouts of America and Human Services Association have a long history together. The Fund has been extremely easy to work with over the years. In the past 6 years there have been two major consolidations of Boy Scout Councils in the state of Michigan. The interface with HSA during the transition to the new corporate structure was seamless in both instances. Even though not all of the prior Boy Scout Councils had participated with Human Services Association, the decision to bring nine prior councils together in 2013 into the HSA Fund made the most sense- both from an economic standpoint and from the collaboration side. The results of this decision have been terrific. There is a willingness to review employees’ classification codes and adjust to a different code in light of current job descriptions. This has allowed us to save thousands of dollars in premiums. Another much appreciated perk of being a Fund member is the refund of prior premiums that were not dispersed is also a much appreciated perk of being a Fund member. By being a Fund member, thousands of dollars are refunded to us each year.

Beth Hunter - Boy Scouts of America - Michigan Crossroads Council