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The HSAWCF is a Michigan group self-insured workers compensation program organized for the purpose of providing workers compensation and related employer’s liability self-insurance for its members, which are tax exempt 501(c)3 organizations.  We currently provide coverage for over 150 non-profit agencies that operate within the State of Michigan.

Self insured funds were  established to help benefit of employers in Michigan, allowing them to form unique, industry-specific programs to control long term workers’ compensation costs.  Self-insured funds offer the same protection as an insurance company but more efficiently.  With lower overhead expenses and better loss performance than insurance companies, self-insured funds pass the savings back to members by returning unused premium and investment income.

The non profit entities in Michigan have banded together to establish the HSAWCF and  together  provide a very cost effective way to provide coverage and management for your workers compensation program.

Claims are administered by York Risk Services Company. The staff at York is dedicated to handling claims promptly, professionally and aggressively.


For more than two decades HSAWCF has been proud to serve the non-profit communities of Michigan for Workers Compensation Insurance.  In 1986, with the support of 80 agencies, the program was approved by the State of Michigan to become a self-funded pool for non-profits within our great state.  Today over 150 Michigan non-profit agencies benefit from this program, enjoying the benefits of loss control services, membership participation, competitive premiums and most importantly a return of dividend that averages 35% of their annual premium.

Membership Advantages Include

Competitive Premiums
Dividend Refunds
Claims Management
Loss Prevention
Membership Participation
Available Exclusively to Non-Profit Agencies