Members of the fund are entities doing business as non-profit charitable organizations which are corporations and/or community chest funds or foundations which operate exclusively for charitable, educational or recreational purposes for the promotion of social welfare, specifically excluding hospitals and nursing homes.  participants of the fund must be a non-profit Michigan corporation with a 501c(3) IRS status.

Types of Non-Profits Who Are HSA Members

Neighborhood Centers
Youth Centers
Domestic Shelters
Boy/Girl Scouts
Campfire Girls
Outpatient and Inpatient Mental Health
Health Related Institutions
Child and Adult Day Care
Human Service Agencies
Multi-Service Social Service Agencies
Job Training/Vocational Rehabilitation
Churches and Other Institutions
Private Schools
Counseling Centers
Cultural Institutions
All United Way Affiliated Organizations
Nursing Associations

Our Members Helping the Community


Boy Scouts of America –  Michigan Crossroads Council –


Orchards Children’s Services –


Wolverine Human Services –